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Kampung Semarah Padi (2015)

Kampung Semarah Padi (2015)

This rice angry villagers curse cause they are always angry. Once upon a nurse pregnant woman leader jack fruit inedible (Sabri Yunus). leaders feel angry and punish murder her. The girl who had been swept away in the canoe was born. Before the death of this woman will be angry oath angry villagers for seven generations.

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Beto Kusyairy Beto Kusyairy
as Kasim
Sabri Yunus Sabri Yunus
Sheila Mambo Sheila Mambo
Johan As'ari Johan As'ari
Khir Rahman Khir Rahman
Intan Ladyana Intan Ladyana
Zain Hamid Zain Hamid
Azizah Mahzan Azizah Mahzan
Mariani Mariani
Melissa Saila Melissa Saila
Director of Photography

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