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The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox (2015)

The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox (2015)

Ayaka Morii and others students have no choice but to play the Jinro Game. Their lives are at stake in the game. Ayaka picks up the fox card. She can't trust anyone, but she develops feelings for Yosuke Takigawa.

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Sara Takatsuki Sara Takatsuki
as Ayaka Morii
Ami Tomite Ami Tomite
as Yuki Tachibana
Reiya Masaki Reiya Masaki
as Yosuke Takigawa
Yoshiki Saito Yoshiki Saito
as Riki Hoshi
Minori Hagiwara Minori Hagiwara
as Momoko Saeki
Keisuke Tomita Keisuke Tomita
as Kentarou Higuchi
Koki Osamura Koki Osamura
as Kodai Sugawara
Honoka Murakami Honoka Murakami
as Meari Tozuka
Atomu Mizuishi Atomu Mizuishi
as Yoshitaka Shiigamoto
Shuto Okumura Shuto Okumura
as Jo
Aya Yamane Aya Yamane
as Anna Sumida
Takemi Fujii Takemi Fujii
as Kozue Ozawa
Shinya Ayabe Shinya Ayabe
Ryo Kawakami Ryo Kawakami
Shinya Ayabe Shinya Ayabe
Tadashi Iwabuchi Tadashi Iwabuchi
Yoshida Naotaka Yoshida Naotaka
Makiko Ito Makiko Ito