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Scrawl (2015)

Scrawl (2015)

Death Cannot Be Rewritten

A boy writes a comic book with his best friend, and finds situations depicted in the comic book coming to life. Along with the appearance of a mysterious girl, the boy is forced to face the reality of what he has written, and begins a battle to attempt to rewrite death.

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Daisy Ridley Daisy Ridley
as Hannah
Mark Forester Evans Mark Forester Evans
as Frank
Joe Daly Joe Daly
as Joe
Annabelle Le Gresley Annabelle Le Gresley
as Annie
Nathalie Pownall Nathalie Pownall
as Eve
Elizabeth Boag Elizabeth Boag
as Georgie
Chris Casey Chris Casey
as Micheal
Ellie Selwood Ellie Selwood
Liam Hughes Liam Hughes
as Simon
Peter Hearn Peter Hearn
Peter Hearn Peter Hearn
Peter Hearn Peter Hearn
Annabelle Le Gresley Annabelle Le Gresley
Dan Hall Dan Hall
Matty Crawford Matty Crawford
Matty Crawford Matty Crawford

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