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12 Golden Ducks (2015)

12 Golden Ducks (2015)

Devastated by a love affair, former in-demand gigolo Future Chang (played by Sandra Ng) retreats to Thailand, leading the life a dissolute. Thanks to the intervention of his high school teacher, Mr. Lo, Future summons the courage to return to Hong Kong. With the help of his friend Ricky, a gym trainer, he works hard to get back into shape, determined to make a comeback in the “duck” (male escort) trade. To Future’s surprise, Hong Kong has undergone a dramatic transformation since he left the city. Even the rules of the duck trade have completely changed! In order to ply his trade, Future is reduced seeking clients at an old age nursery home for women. Meanwhile, the places where women can buy happiness have become much more accessible, operating in neighborhood establishments such as a Thai restaurant…Determined to adapt to their new environment, Future and his desperate cohorts Dick Wide, Nebula and Broker Chan decide to dedicate themselves to satisfying the needs of their new client.

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Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu
as Future Cheung
Louis Koo Louis Koo
as Rocky
Anthony Wong Anthony Wong
as Lo
Wilfred Lau Wilfred Lau
as Saul-Yun
Chau Pak-Ho Chau Pak-Ho
as Jamie
BabyJohn Choi BabyJohn Choi
as Nebula
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei
as Young Aunt May
Nicholas Tse Nicholas Tse
as Ma Chi-Kin
Wyman Wong Wai-Man Wyman Wong Wai-Man
as Lincows
Carman Lee Carman Lee
as Rocky's Client
Philip Keung Philip Keung
as Hak
Lo Hoi-Pang Lo Hoi-Pang
as Eddie
Fiona Sit Fiona Sit
as Hak's Client
Joey Yung Joey Yung
Eason Chan Eason Chan
as Kenjie
Simon Yam Simon Yam
as King Sum
Michelle Chen Michelle Chen
as Suk-Fan
Joyce Cheng Joyce Cheng
as Joyce
Michelle Wai Michelle Wai
as Jamie's Student
Dada Chan Dada Chan
as Kitty
June Lam June Lam
as Hing Hing
Chrissie Chau Chrissie Chau
as Mrs Chau
Hui Siu-Hung Hui Siu-Hung
as Cheung Chen
Derek Kwok Derek Kwok
as Doctor
Ivana Wong Ivana Wong
as Poy
Kelvin Kwan Kelvin Kwan
as Ah Man
Lisa Lu Lisa Lu
as Aunt May
Matt Chow Matt Chow
Matt Chow Matt Chow
Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu

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