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The Second Mother (2015)

The Second Mother (2015)

After leaving her daughter Jessica in a small town in Pernambuco to be raised by relatives, Val spends the next 13 years working as a nanny to Fabinho in São Paulo. She has financial stability but has to live with the guilt of having not raised Jessica herself. As Fabinho’s university entrance exams approach, Jessica reappears in her life and seems to want to give her mother a second chance. However Jessica has not been raised to be a servant and her very existence will turn Val’s routine on its head. With precision and humour, Anna Muylaert turns her eye on the subtle and powerful forces that keep rigid class structures in place and how the youth may just be the ones to shake it all up.

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Regina Casé Regina Casé
as Val
Michel Joelsas Michel Joelsas
as Fabinho
Camila Márdila Camila Márdila
as Jéssica
Karine Teles Karine Teles
as Bárbara
Lourenço Mutarelli Lourenço Mutarelli
as Carlos
Helena Albergaria Helena Albergaria
as Edna
Luis Miranda Luis Miranda
as Antônio Jardineiro
Luci Pereira Luci Pereira
as Raimunda
Hugo Villavicenzio Hugo Villavicenzio
as Peruano
Theo Werneck Theo Werneck
as Vandré
Alex Rusjar Alex Rusjar
as Caveira
Thaissa Reis Thaissa Reis
as Pâmela
Milcéia Vicente Milcéia Vicente
as Anita
Bete Dorgan Bete Dorgan
as Janaína
Andrey Lima Lopes Andrey Lima Lopes
as Fabinho (Criança)
Anna Muylaert Anna Muylaert
Anna Muylaert Anna Muylaert
Fabiano Gullane Fabiano Gullane
Caio Gullane Caio Gullane
Débora Ivanov Débora Ivanov
Anna Muylaert Anna Muylaert
Karen Harley Karen Harley
Marcos Pedroso Marcos Pedroso
Production Design
Thales Junqueira Thales Junqueira
Production Design
Ricardo Reis Ricardo Reis
Sound Designer
Miriam Biderman Miriam Biderman
Sound Designer
Bárbara Álvarez Bárbara Álvarez
Director of Photography
Fabio Trummer Fabio Trummer
Original Music Composer
Vitor Araújo Vitor Araújo
Original Music Composer