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Loucas pra Casar (2015)

Loucas pra Casar (2015)

After Malu grows suspicious of her boyfriend Samuel she hires a private investigator, only to discover she is not the only one in his life.

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Ingrid Guimarães Ingrid Guimarães
as Malu
Márcio Garcia Márcio Garcia
as Samuel
Tatá Werneck Tatá Werneck
as Maria
Suzana Pires Suzana Pires
as Lúcia
Fabiana Karla Fabiana Karla
as Dolores
Edmilson Filho Edmilson Filho
as Rubi
Guida Vianna Guida Vianna
as Adir
Bryan Ruffo Bryan Ruffo
as Garçom
Alice Borges Alice Borges
as Lourdes
Charles Paraventi Charles Paraventi
as Geraldo José
Rogério Fróes Rogério Fróes
as Padre Alaor
Nanda Andrade Nanda Andrade
as Dália
Camila Amado Camila Amado
as Suely
Larissa Matos Larissa Matos
as Stand in
Alan Pelegrino Alan Pelegrino
as Funcionário Imobiliária
Billy Blanco Billy Blanco
as Gerente Resort
Leandro D'melo Leandro D'melo
as Pablo (Flagra)
Heitor Vignoli Heitor Vignoli
as Pacheco
Aline Fanju Aline Fanju
as Beth
Amanda Guimarães Amanda Guimarães
as Malu Jovem
Cil Guimarães Cil Guimarães
as Zé (Porteiro de Malu)
Marie Lafayete Marie Lafayete
as Vendedora 1 de Vestido de Noiva
Mabel César Mabel César
as Vendedora 2 de Vestido de Noiva
Poliana Ardele Poliana Ardele
as Sulamita
Stela Celano Stela Celano
as Noiva
Bruno Trindade Bruno Trindade
as Marido Beth
Bruno Cirne Bruno Cirne
as Marido Rosemary
Danielle Antunes Danielle Antunes
as Rosemary
Cláudia Stock Cláudia Stock
as Recepcionista Resort
Bruno Kauer Bruno Kauer
as Marido Dália
Roberto Santucci Roberto Santucci
Marcelo Saback Marcelo Saback
Júlia Spadaccini Júlia Spadaccini
Mayra Lucas Mayra Lucas
Nonato Estrela Nonato Estrela
Sérgio Abdalla Sérgio Abdalla
Sound Editor