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Underdogs (2013)

Underdogs (2013)

There's only one team this summer.

In the small village where Amadeo lives there is no one good enough to challenge his skills at Table Football. But, while Amadeo may be a genius as a table football player in real life he's a loser. He's in love with Lara, his childhood friend, but he's so shy that he can't bring himself to confess his love for her. So he just hangs out in his quaint, timeless village. When Amadeo beats the village bully Flash at Table Football. The scene is set for an epic rivalry. Consumed with anger Flash vows to get even and 10 years later he returns as an International Superstar, a Football Icon and Galatico determined to wreak his revenge.

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    love this movie

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    As a former hunting for all of this over! *_* Thanks a ton so much~!

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    thank u..... for upload this movie. This really is my in history fav. movie to. Thank u so much.

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    A must watch movie. 10/10.

Juan José Campanella Juan José Campanella
as Eusebio (voice)
Diego Ramos Diego Ramos
as Grosso (voice)
Pablo Rago Pablo Rago
as Capi (voice)
Axel Kuschevatzky Axel Kuschevatzky
as Intendente (voice)
David Masajnik David Masajnik
as Amadeo (voice)
Mariana Otero Mariana Otero
as Joven Grosso (voice)
Diego Mesaglío Diego Mesaglío
as Central Liso (voice)
Lucía Maciel Lucía Maciel
as Laura (voice)
Marcos Mundstock Marcos Mundstock
as Ermitaño (voice)
Ernesto Claudio Ernesto Claudio
as Priest (voice)
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
as Capitán Liso (voice)
Coco Sily Coco Sily
as Manager (voice)
Fabián Gianola Fabián Gianola
as Beto (voice)
Sebastián Mogordoy Sebastián Mogordoy
as El Pulpo (voice)
Gabriel Almirón Gabriel Almirón
as Malparitti II (voice)
Juan José Campanella Juan José Campanella
Emilio Kauderer Emilio Kauderer
Eduardo Sacheri Eduardo Sacheri
Axel Kuschevatzky Axel Kuschevatzky
Juan José Campanella Juan José Campanella